Super Simple Slideshow

The "Super Simple Slideshow" extension which is very simple and light. Allows to display image slides with description and linked to any url. Moreover module is responsive and maintains a lot of good features like few slideshows in one page with separate parameters for each. Module allows to use on 100% width with wrapper for description. Can work like a slideshow or just text slider.

Module Features:

- use or don't use a wrapper
- enable/disable script of module
- enable/disable Css of module
- set delay of transition
- set interval of transition
- set background of module
- set color of bullets
- chose type of transition (fade or horizontal)
- enable/disable autoplay
- enable/disable pause on hover
- show/hide bullets
- show/hide arrows
- enable/disable hide arrows
- enable/disable preloader
- set text color of description


- very light only 20 kb
- responsive
- few slideshows in one page
- can use preloader
- supports .jpg .png .gif



- English 
- Russian



GNU Public License (


If you have questions or suggestions or you need additional features or customizations for your project that exceed the scope of support, you are invited to submit your requirements specification and the planned budget by email